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Helicopters of Austin specializes in providing our customers with the right pilot, right helicopter and right price.
Helicopters of Austin provides our customers with the absolute best service experience. Whether you're looking to fly the popular Robinson R22 or the stable Enstrom 280FX, we specialize in serving our students looking to fly for fun or begin a new and exciting career as a helicopter pilots. We also offer our customers a variety of commercial options with our commitment to find the right vendor for the job through networking with our professional helicopter community.

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     Whether you are looking for private transportation and fun or you want to be a professional helicopter pilot, the opportunity is here.

Opportunities range from private pilot license for leisure or private business transport use, to     commercial pilot or flight instructor license as a career. Flying for corporations, oil industry, news stations, EMS and charter services, are just a few paths available.

                                            Recent graduate on a successful flight to Fredericksburg for lunch.

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